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Zigmas Žemaitis Gymnasium

Zigmas Žemaitis Gymnasium Švencionys is a secondary school that provides secondary education available to the widest possible range of young people. It has 390 students and 59 teaching staff. The school provides high quality education giving students the opportunity for diverse maturation. It engages the community in meaningful cultural, civil and social activities. The school aims to assist in the young person's autonomy and to help them become creative and mature members of Lithuanian culture, to lay the foundation of strong morals, a sense of responsibility, and a healthy lifestyle. It also strives to teach communication, cooperation and to promote respect for Lithuanians’ historical and cultural heritage. The school enables students to choose their interests, talents and ambitions to corresponding educational paths, to develop the material base which meets the requirements of the curriculum, and to ground the gymnasium work in humanistic democratic educational philosophy and values.